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CH24 Chair by Hans J. Wegner. and produced by Carl Hansen. The chair was designed as far back as 1949 and is therefore the first of Wegner's chairs for Carl Hansen & Son. The Y-chair or The Wishbone Chair as it is often called due to the shape of the back, is a light chair and even being an armchair a relatively small piece of furniture. The curved hind legs and the semicircular top rail together with the elegant Y-back endows the chair with a gracious and welcoming air.



The CH 24 sits well and its spaciousness allows its user to change position. The back offers good support and most people will feel comfortable in it for a longer period of time. The curved top rail makes it easy to move around the chair, and though the arm rests are long enough to give adequate support to your forearms the chair can still be pushed in close to a table.


Consequently the Y-chair is very versatile and is an obvious choice for dining rooms where space is a factor or where you want to create the impression of spaciousness.


Today the Y-chair has developed into being Wegner's and Carl Hansen's most popular chair by far. When it was first introduced, however, its recognition was not overly positive and only a handful of retailers bought it for their showrooms. But to the astonishment of most, the consumers liked it, and during the following 15 years sales increased to make it the leader in Carl Hansens collection.


50% of the annual production of 17.000 pieces is sold in Denmark, and the rest is exported a.o. to Japan which alone takes another 25% of the production. height: 70 cm width: 74 cm depth: 52 cm seat: 44 cm.

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