Furniture - Sofa - Poeten - Finn Juhl


Finn Juhl designed the sofa Poeten for his own home in 1941 - and I'm guessing that home was tall and not that spacious, judging by the proportions of the sofa. It might be well over 60 years old, but the Poeten is still an incredibly eye-catching piece of furniture. The sofa is produced by Hansen & Sørensen.



Today this sofa represents a part of Danish cultural history and modern furniture that exudes values that have more or less disappeared in these days of fleeting fancies. Poeten is made to the finest manufacturing standards with hand-sewn upholstery, and its legs come in several different types of wood. Inspired by "free art".


This cute curvy little sofa has a huge personality. Friendly, warm and inviting, it looks like it's reaching up for a hug. A self-taught furniture designer (and architect in his spare time) Finn Juhl is recognised as being the first Danish furniture designer to win international acclaim and pave the way for Danish modernism. 


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